Goal for tonights meeting
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Tax Analysis

How to start the process

  1. Review the Tax Analysis of a Fire District (trustee public meeting, see #1 in timeline)
  2. Review the Fire Department Budget for accuracy (meeting between trustee and fire department, see #2 in timeline)
  3. Petition the public for support of the fire district (requirement: 20% of the land owning population in the proposed fire district)
  4. Petition is sent to the County Auditor
  5. County Auditor presents the petition to the Commissioners
  6. County Commissioners responsible for verifying the signatures
  7. Ordinance process begins
    1. Public Meeting with public comments and feedback
    2. Commissioners vote

Suggested timeline

  1. Review meeting early March
  2. Review funding with the Fire Department early March
  3. Petition to the public beginning in March
  4. Fire District established by Dec 31st, 2021
  5. Fire District in effect Jan 1, 2023